Videos and Talks

I frequently give talks, here is a selection. You can also see how my hair’s gotten grey over the past few years.

Data Science in Production

One topic I am quite fond of right now is what it takes to put data science into production, both in terms of architectures, product development, team organization, etc.

GAIA 2019: Putting Data Science in Production

Here is a keynote I gave in April 2019 at the very nice annual  GAIA conference in Gothenburg.

Machine Learning: Research and Industry

Search and Recommendation at Zalando

Here are a few talks I gave during my time at Zalando. Not always exactly what my teams were doing, but around the general area of recommendation, search, and deep learning (of course).

Berlin Buzzwords, 2017, with Alaa Elhadba: The modern architecture of search.

M.I.E. Summit, 2017: How Deep Learning is Changing Fashion,

Data Natives 2016: Scaling and Approximation in Complex Data Analysis

Deep Learning

I have given a few overview talks on deep learning, for example at StrataData, which are not available.

Keynote at parallel 2017 (in German)

Here is a link, video cannot be embedded.

Deep Learning in Practice, StrataData London, 2017.

See it here (free as far as I can tell).

Approximate Counting and Streamdrill

While I was working on streamdrill, I gave a lot of talks about using approximate counting or stream mining to have realtime personalization, recommendation, etc.

Berlin Buzzwords, 2013: Beyond Scaling: Real-Time Event Analysis with Stream Mining

Berlin Buzzwords, 2014: Realtime personalization and recommendation with stream mining

Big Data and other stuff

Flink Forward 2015: Procedural Programming vs Data Flow

Academia Stuff

For reference, here’s a talk I gave on Denoising and Dimension Reduction in Feature Space.

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