Me On A Stage

I occasionally give talks. Not more than a few times per year. Okay, sometimes it is three talks within four working days, but that only happens if I don’t keep an eye on the scheduling. Which I don’t do surprisingly often. People are kind enough to host me.

Maybe I should take all my talks and slides, feed all of that into a Deep Learning machine and then I can freely talk while the computer automatically selects the right slides. And then I can take another model to just make up new talks, and yet another model to make new slides. And then I can feed all that into another neural network.

Till I find the time (and resources to pay for the training), I put together a page that contains a few links to videos that can be found in the Internet. I did this a while back but probably nobody scrolls down to the end of this page to find those.

Click here to get to that page.

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